About Den-en Chofu Gakuen Junior and Senior High School

Foundation Policies

“Shaga-Shojin” motto

Abandon your self-centeredness, strive towards your goals, and act for the good of others.

Message From Our Principal

By cultivating the spirit of creating a new and better society, we aim to prepare women for a rapidly changing world, empowered with decision making skills.

Principal Yutaka Shimizu

The school’s founder, Shohei Nishimura, travelled the world as a ship captain and broadened his perspective on Japanese education. He recognized that girls’ education was important for the development of Japan. In 1926, he established Chofu Girls School and invited Risuke Kawamura to be the school’s first principal. Our school’s motto, “shaga-shojin”, was inspired by Principal Kawamura’s commitment to selflessness and duty.
The world is witnessing rapid growth in AI-centered technology, and because of this, the environment surrounding us is changing and affecting our way of life. In the future, the view of humanity itself may change. In response to such changes, pessimism about the future is spreading. But instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of the future, the junior and senior high school students who are preparing to enter society must think and believe: “We will create a new society, a better society, in which we will live.”
The six years of junior and senior high school are the time to build the base for this approach. In order to live in a rapidly changing world, it is necessary to have an “attitude of continuous learning”, but it is also important to have an “ability to look at things critically”.
During your six years of study at Den-en Chofu Gakuen, you may experience failure, but if you have the courage to take the first step, we will support you in becoming a better version of yourself and making your school a better place for you and your classmates.

Educational Philosophy (Three Policies)

The educational philosophy of Den-en Chofu Gakuen is built on the school’s founding spirit of “shaga-shojin” and three policies: diploma policy, curriculum policy, and admission policy. These overarching policies support our efforts to nurture women who will shine in the year 2030.

Diploma Policy

Den-en Chofu Gakuen nurtures its students to become the following person upon graduation:

  • A person who can look inside oneself, set higher goals, and continue to learn.
  • A person who is aware of one’s role and acts proactively to fulfill one’s responsibility in cooperation with others.
  • A person who has a broad perspective and constantly searches for and practices ways to create a better society.

Curriculum Policy

For students to achieve our Diploma Policy, Den-en Chofu Gakuen offers a variety of experience-based educational activities, such as cooperative exploration classes, Saturday programs, events, and club activities. We encourage our students not only to participate in on-campus activities but also to explore the community and beyond.

Admissions Policy

Den-en Chofu Gakuen is a school where you will have many “encounters”. We welcome students who are eager to learn and experience life at our school.

School Rubric

To become a person with an enriched life

Since its foundation in 1926, Den-en Chofu Gakuen has been educating and nurturing girls to make positive choices about their own lives while doing positive things for others. In order to respond to unprecedented changes and to make society a better place for everyone, we encourage our students to continue to learn and deepen their interests, enhance their imagination, and embrace a cooperative spirit to work together to create new “things” and “matters” based on their own unique ideas.
What do you like, what are you good at, and what do you want to do?
The process of expanding your field of activity, not only for personal enjoyment but also to share with others, will continue throughout your six years at school, building your confidence to step into a new field after graduation. The school’s founding spirit, “shaga-shojin”, will always be there to encourage you.
The school rubric outlines the “necessary skills” and “basic attitudes” that students need to live in the future society. For students to acquire these skills and attitudes during their six years of junior and senior high school, we have established subject rubrics and grade-level rubrics. We incorporate Project-Based Learning (PBL) in all educational activities, not only in class but also at events, club activities, and committee activities.

Directions &
Access to school

Tokyu Toyoko Line / Meguro Line
“Den-en Chofu” Station → 8 minutes on foot

Tokyu Ikegami Line “Yukigaya-otsuka” station → 10 minutes on foot


    School route introduction – from Den-en Chofu Station to school