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  • 2019.08.01

    Home stay journal 〜オーストラリア・ホームステイ4日目


    (引率  櫻井・兼子)

    I had a sport class today.  My class threw frisbees around.  It was a lot of fun.  Some other Japanese students thought so, too.  And we ate lunch outside the school.  I was able to talk with some of St. Mary’s students learning Japanese.

    ( S. N )

     Today’s dance class was very exciting. Moving my body is really fun.  I went to Night Market in Cairns Town and drank bubble tea.  It was delicious.  I met a Japanese boy there.  I talked with him in English.  Also he is doing a homestay.  I bought a stuffed toy of koala for myself.  It is really cute.
    ( M. S )
     I enjoyed eating lunch with my Japanese friends and some Australian students learning Japanese.
     ( S. N )
     It was so exciting today!  I danced Zumba both at the 5th and at the 6th period.  It was so exciting and funny.  I took a bus to go home.  My host father and brother came to the bus stop by car to meet me there.  I came back home and my host father rode me on a bike!  It was so exciting because it ran so fast!  It was so cool!
    ( M. N )
     Today I had an excursion.  I talked with my best friends after a long interval. We went to Explanade and saw the sea.  It was beautiful!  After the excursion we had a sport time.  I played a sport which I had never seen.  It was fun!
    ( K. T )
    I ate lunch at a restaurant.  I had sport classes.  I am going to say, “Hello!” and “See you!” to my host family and my host sister’s friends on and after tomorrow .
    ( H. T )
    I threw a frisbee around at a PE class. And after school I went to do gymnastics with my host sister.  Also, we did a PS4 together at night.  It was a very enjoyable day.
    ( M. Y )